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9 Websites that all web developers should follow.

9 Websites that all web developers should follow.

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·Apr 28, 2022·

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Table of contents

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  • StackOverflow
  • Devdocs
  • Hashnode
  • Medium
  • Github
  • Reddit
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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. In this post, I have mentioned 9 Amazing websites that you should follow as a web developer.

Some of these are Web development news websites that will give you news about what's going in the web dev world. Some websites will help you to get design inspiration for your next Web project and some are useful resource websites that might help you in your learning or enhance your skills.

Here are 10 websites every developer should follow in 2022. These are the ones I follow as part of my career and check out daily to learn the latest about programming and coding. I am sure you might know some of these, and might not know others, but all are useful to help you become a better developer and stay in touch with what's happening in the community.

DEV landing page is a website for developers and there are several cool things in here the articles and feed are generated based on the hashtags that you follow but on top of this, they're also randomized to an extent that you'll always see something new on the home page.

You can of course check out what's trending over the week as well as the month and the year but I come here to learn something new every single day the articles are posted and are focused on essential developers trying to learn something new most of the content comes with code and examples so whether you're going in to learn redux or react or even if you just want to learn a new thing like maybe hooks you can do so right here.

They've got several other cool things here too you can do listings for example and you can find jobs here you can also check out some of the trending news as well as even get some cool merchandise as well I've posted hundreds of articles on here and there's a great community with comments as well it's similar to Reddit but a lot more supportive I think it's worth checking out and if you haven't heard of it before just visit when you have a chance and I'm sure you'll love it.

Indie Hacker

Indie Hacker landing page

Our next website on this list is is a website by developers for developers and its focus is on talking about the the journey that developers go to when they create their own companies or products or freelance or try to create something successful these are stories of both failures and successes and everything is transparent which is cool you get to see the numbers and statistics behind people that launch their products things like the numbers of how many people visited maybe how many people bought their product and even how much money they made.

I like the interviews and podcasts that they do people like Alex from TechCrunch can give you his wisdom and experience over the years and lessons learned or for example you might learn how to make $20k a month selling cookies with sam these are all interesting and fun topics to learn about and you as a developer can get inspired to create your own.


Stackoverflow landing page

This next one we all know and love is and while I know that a lot of people might not directly follow it a lot of us do end up here whenever I'm searching for a problem like even just trying to do something on a regex which is annoying as hell I always seem to end up finding the answer I'm looking for right here and the solution might be from back in 2018 or something like that and yet it's a great resource.

I know they're also working on the community to make sure that it gets better and it's just a great website so every developer I'm sure ends up here at one point or another.

Devdocs landing page

The fourth item here is is a website that is really for documentation and looking up the syntax and manuals and references for different front-end languages and libraries.

They have everything that you might want to know in here stuff like for example beginner's guides advanced topics for saying HTML or javascript or angular or jquery or node.js.

All of these are on here with examples and code and descriptions of how every one of these works you can also search up everything from saying react to how to use react hooks and these guides are nice and simple to follow with code examples too so it's a place that I've just kept as a little bookmark for me whenever I'm looking at maybe how to do that redux function or for example how to put in that hook that I might not have for a long time.


Hasnode landing page

Our fifth item on this list is, it's a newer website much newer than some of the other ones we've heard of so far but their focus is more about providing news and options for people like developers like us to essentially blog on here and share useful information

and on topics like " Nobody should be working for 8 hours a day" or "6 tools I use for web development" and many more topics related to web development.

Some articles tell you about how to contribute to an open source project as a beginner now there's a huge variety on here but

this is really useful stuff simply knowing how to contribute to an open-source project helps out new developers whereas some of these other articles on say tools to use for web development can help out those people that might be developers for a long time.

But they just haven't heard of some of these useful tools before this is also a place where you can write up your blogs and get started and that's something I might do as well in the future on this site.


Medium landing page is our Sixth entry in this list it's a website which I've always enjoyed for the high-quality level of content they produce there's also a variety of content on here not just for developers but for designers for people interested in javascript or react and even just general development as well.

It also provides a bunch of great articles on web development and related topics and I enjoyed reading those. Sometimes, I found solutions to my problems in some of their articles.


Github landing page

The next website on the list is, "GitHub" yes it's just a code repository but it's turning into so much more there are some cool GitHub repositories on here for just information things like free resources for developers or designers things like compilations of the best tutorials and so much more even just being able to follow some of the people that go on here and star great GitHub repositories and checking those out is always fun too and something that I always like to do when I've got a bit of spare time.


Reddit landing page

So this is the eighth one on the list is it's a massive one, simply because there are so many different subreddits that are existing on here for development there is Web Dev with over half a million members with lots of cool posts all the time but there are other useful ones too.

You will find web dev tutorials and on all sorts of things for example web development-related stuff.

If you're learning how to do CSS or HTML in general as well as other subreddits that you might find like learn programming which is also a good and useful one if you're starting all of these combine to a place where you can share and talk to the community to get your knowledge for web dev and as a developer, this is a place that I visit almost every single day.

Daily Dev landing page

We have our last item on the list which is which is both a chrome extension & a website and it's for developers.

What it does is provide you developer news every single time you open up a new tab. It provides a compilation of all sorts of news things from dev.2 or medium or even the verge you can compile or list whatever you want to see on here.

This is a simple extension to simply click to install and start using that way you can be up to date with the latest news that's happening all in one place, it's worth checking out.


So that's was all for this post, these are the top 9 websites that I follow and like as a web developer.

I hope you like this post and enjoyed reading this article, if you do enjoy reading make sure you also share this with your friends and learning mates to help them.

Thanks for your time to read this article, if you like this post please share it on Twitter and Facebook or any other social media and tag me there.

I will see you in my next blog ✌️. Till then take care and keep building projects.

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